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HELLO. WE ARE COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE LEASING LIFERS... AND STUDENTS OF THE GAME. We specialize in a community-based approach to Commercial Real Estate. We believe in ventures with vision and curating the right tenant. Relying on our deep market knowledge, meaningful relationships, and analytical mindset sets us apart and enables us to solve your challenges and grow your business while providing the dynamic energy you have been seeking. We envision a montage of community, business, art, play, and nature — and then we expertly market it all for you to be, well... INSTAGRAMMABLE.


BEYOND BUILDINGS; ART, CULTURE AND RETAIL CAN COLLIDE. We like to mix up the Mixed-Use arena to infuse a local spirit, design an activated gathering place, create convenient leisure and foster a cultural canvas. Our purpose is to thoughtfully community build. We are a trusted partner to clients and localities who align with our vision of places built around value, variety, convenience, experience, and entertainment. Activation is our thing. We embody a million square feet of heart and collaboration.


AS LEASING ARTISANS, we implement an approach that transcends far beyond buildings. In collaboration with strategic, visionary partners, we offer cutting edge market-insight, seasoned industry knowledge, and an analytical mindset to leasing, managing, owning and operating properties. Our dynamic crew of professionals is built on transparency and trusting partnerships.



A MIXED-USE MONTAGE may consist of the industrial-chic co-working space or hand-picked lifestyle brands. It can be walkable greenscape, locally-inspired murals, and hand-crafted pop-up events. Regardless of the finished product, we see a vision of lively, thoughtful, urban and suburban built environments. Transforming what was of the past into a collective place that fits right now and the future - is what we do. We feel place can resonate on all the right notes. Vision-driven ventures are what make us tick. Vision-driven ventures are how we lead you to your LEGACY PROJECT



  • Market Analysis and Research

  • Development Strategy

  • Site Selection

  • Lease Negotiation

  • Lease Restructuring

  • Identifying Evolving Trade Market Trends

  • Building Permit Assistance



  • Assessment of Brand & Place

  • Project Analysis

  • Strategy & Vision

  • Merchandising Strategy

  • Storytelling

  • Permanent Leasing

  • Pop-up Leasing

  • Lease Renewals & Terminations

  • Targeted face to face outreach to local, regional, and national tenants.


Asset Design

  • Brand Positioning

  • Naming

  • Messaging

  • Wayfinding

  • Place Making

  • Identity/Logo 

  • Brand Collateral

  • Campaigns

  • Photo/Video Content  

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